Your question: Does diamond or graphite have more entropy?

Which has least entropy diamond or graphite?

Diamond has least entropy due to its crystalline structure.

Why does diamond have a low entropy?

Diamond has more stable and compact structure, so the volume is smaller. However, the atoms in graphite are able to move within their lattice so entropy is higher. At a given temperature and pressure, the stable phase is always the one with low Gibbs free energy.

Why enthalpy of graphite is lower than diamond?

Graphite is most stable of carbon, hence its energy is lower than that of diamond and entropy of graphite is also lower than that of diamond.

What has less entropy?

Solids have the fewest microstates and thus the lowest entropy.

Can graphite turn into diamond?

It is known that graphite can be converted into diamond when subjected to high pressure and high temperatures. The graphite-diamond transformation can be achieved directly by subjecting graphite to ultra high pressures (> 100 kbar) and temperatures ( > 2000°C).

Why is diamond more stable than graphite at high pressure?

Diamond has a rigid and compact structure due to which it takes more energy and time to convert into graphite and therefore, it is kinetically more stable but thermodynamically less stable than graphite.

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Is diamond Cubic?

Diamond is a crystal structure with a face centered cubic Bravais lattice and two atoms in the basis. Carbon, silicon germanium, and α-tin form this crystal structure.

Why does graphite have higher entropy?

Graphite has more entropy than diamond because Graphite has free electrons(as free electrons are there energy can be distributed more) but diamond lack in free electrons. Hence, Graphite shows more entropy.

Is graphite more ordered than diamond?

Graphite and diamond also have different thermodynamic properties. Since graphite is the stable form of carbon, it has a heat of formation of zero. To contrast, diamond has a heat of formation of +1.895 kJ/mol. … In other words, it is much more ordered than the graphite structure.

Is graphite to diamond endothermic?

Conversion of graphite to diamond – Graphite is more stable than diamond. Hence, energy is required for graphite to convert to diamond. Hence, this is an example of endothermic reaction.