You asked: How much is a diamond C gooseneck trailer?

Where is Diamond C Trailers built?

We are a custom trailer manufacturer located in Mt. Pleasant, TX, offering many OPTIONS for most standard trailer models, as well as custom design and manufacturing from the ground up. We distribute our products through a vast network of DEALER PARTNERS across the United States and Canada.

How much does a diamond c trailer weigh?

NEW 2021 Diamond C Trailers LPX207L 7′ x 16′ 14900 GVW Equipment Trailer Weight: 2850 lbs GVWR: 14900 lbs Payload Capacity: 12050 lbs UPGRADED FEATURES: FRAME: 8″ x 15 lb I-Beam Tongue/Frame Upgrade RAMPS: Extra Wide HD Flip-Knee, 24″ x 60″, Spring-Assisted.

Who makes utility trailer?

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company is an American truck semi-trailer and refrigerated van manufacturing company, based in the City of Industry, Los Angeles County, California.

Utility Trailer Manufacturing Company.

Type Private
Products Semi-trailers, refrigerated vans & trailers

How much do tandem axle trailers cost?

Tandem axle boat trailers 18′-25′ long typically cost $1,800-$5,000 or more, for use with larger and heavier fishing boats, sailboats or power boats. For example, the 18′-20′ tandem-axle Bear LTV 72-20TG[3] for aluminum or fiberglass bass boats sells for about $2,000. Tri-axle trailers start at $5,000-$7,000.

What is in diamond?

Diamonds are made of carbon so they form as carbon atoms under a high temperature and pressure; they bond together to start growing crystals. … That’s why a diamond is such a hard material because you have each carbon atom participating in four of these very strong covalent bonds that form between carbon atoms.

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How wide is a tandem axle utility trailer?

These tandem axle landscape/utility trailers can have a deck width of 76” to 82”.

What does 14000 GVWR mean on a trailer?

This is the maximum combined weight of your vehicle and your trailer that can be considered safe. If, for example, your truck and cargo weighs 6,000lbs, and your GCWR is 14,000lbs, then your trailer must be 8,000lbs or less (14,000 GCWR – 6,000 curb weight = 8,000 for the trailer).

What is the difference between GVWR and payload?

GVWR is also determined by the manufacturer and is listed in your owner’s manual. Subtract your truck’s curb weight from its GVWR—that’s your payload capacity! For example, if your truck’s GVWR is 9,000 lbs and it weighs 5,000 lbs empty, then your payload capacity is 4,000 lbs.