Where is Gems TV based?

Does Gems TV still exist?

Like Jewellery Maker, it was the first channel of its kind in the UK. On 31 December 2010, Gem Collector ceased broadcasting as a separate channel and merged with Rocks TV to create Gems TV Extra, which relaunched on 2 January 2011. The Gem Collector brand is still used on Gems TV Extra for branded hour programmes.

Who owns Gemtv?


Language(s) Persian, Turkish (Azeri), Kurdish, Arabic
Picture format 16:9 (1080i,
Owner مهسا قدیری (Mahsa ghadiri)

Is Gemporia the same as Gems TV?

Gemporia is a British television and online jewellery retailer. The main television channel operated by the business is Gems TV, a reverse auction jewellery shopping channel, the first dedicated reverse auction channel in the UK.

Is Jewellery maker part of Gemporia?

Jewellery Maker is a British jewellery shopping channel that launched on 4 May 2010 and is a sister channel of Sewing Quarter.

Jewellery Maker.

Owner The Gemporia Partnership
Launched 4 May 2010
Replaced Thomas Cook TV (on Sky)

Is Gemporia any good?

I like Gemporia because this is a great company, they are give to customers best quality Gems, healthy vitamins and minerals, candles and other products, amazing knowledge about Gems and mines. Perfect presenters, enjoy watching show, plenty positive filling, laughing, communication with staff during show.

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Where can I find 9 gems?

GEM to become 9Gem moving to standard definition.

Customers who subscribe to Foxtel via our cable service will be able to access the following channels:

  1. Channel 9 HD (if you have a HD compatible set top unit you will receive Channel 9 HD, otherwise you’ll receive Channel 9 SD)
  2. 9GO! SD.
  3. 9Gem SD.
  4. 9Life SD.

What happened to 9Gem?

On 26 November 2015, the Nine Network introduced a network-wide rebrand of all of its digital channels with GEM being renamed “9Gem”. Additionally, due to the rebroadcast of 9HD on channel 90, 9Gem was moved to channel 92 and converted from HD to SD.

Is 9Gem on Foxtel?

9 Gem is a free to air service and not linked to your Foxtel or Sports pack. Only cable Foxtel iQ set-top-unit subscribers will be able to view the retransmitted channels 7mate and GEM.

Does Steve Bennett own Jewellery maker?

He set up jewelry retailer Gems TV in 2004 and The Genuine Gemstone Company in 2007. … He then sold Jewellery maker in 2015 to immediate Media and again bought it back in December 2019. In December 2017, The Bennett family transferred 75% of the ownership of their companies to their employees.