What temperature do sapphires melt?

Are heated sapphires bad?

Heat treatment alone does not affect the durability of sapphires. It is important to be aware that fracture filled or doublet sapphires can be problematic in future as they are less durable.

How do you heat treat sapphires at home?

Choose the temperature and exposure time carefully. Heating sapphires at too high of a temperature for too long may irreparably damage the gems. As noted on the website Gemstone Buzz, cooking a sapphire at 1600 to 1800°C for two hours intensifies blue and yellow colors while removing silk.

What can damage a sapphire?

While sapphires and rubies can be damaged in various ways during the repair or creation of jewelry, heat is the most common culprit. It’s not that corundum is sensitive to heat, but that overconfident jewelers can sometimes mishandle the heat’s application.

Are dark sapphires less valuable?

Color has the greatest influence on a sapphire’s value, and preferred sapphires have strong to vivid color saturation. … Less valuable blue sapphires might also be grayish, too light, or too dark.

What is the rarest color of sapphire?

The rarest sapphire is the Padparadscha, an extremely rare pink and orange stone that is stunning to behold. However, the most valuable sapphires are the Kashmir variants, which are blue.

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