What is GEM certificate?

How do you get a gem certificate?

To obtain your tax certificate from GEMS, contact our call centre’s 24-hour automated self-service facility on 0860-00-4367, or log on to Member Online on www.gems.gov.za.

Which gem certificate is best?

What are the best Diamond Certifications?

  1. GIA Certification. The GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is the most well-respected and renowned diamond grading entity. …
  2. AGS Certification. …
  3. IGI Certification. …
  4. EGL Certification. …
  5. HRD Certification. …
  6. GSI Certification.

Who can certify gemstones?

The American Gemological Society is well regarded in the jewelry industry in terms of their gemstone certifying process. AGS will also allow you to verify their certificates after the fact. The Gemological Institute of America (GIA)’s certificates are also highly regarded.

Does GIA sell gems?

We do not sell gemstones, nor do we represent the interests of gem sellers. … Research – GIA has the world’s most comprehensive gemological research program; a staff with academic training and gem-testing experience; modern scientific instrumentation; and a superb collection of gem materials.

Why is gemstone certification important?

State of the art gemological equipment and advanced skills are used to determine these characteristics. Let’s go through a Gem Report for a better understanding. Now why all this information becomes important is because it affects both the financial value as well as its durability and appearance.

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How much does it cost to get a gem certified?

Remember, regular gemological labs will charge you between $150 and $300 for diamond certifications.

What is the full form of gem?

Government e-Marketplace : Procurement Made Smart. GeM is a short form of one stop Government e-Market Place hosted by DGS&D where common user goods and services can be procured. GeM is dynamic, self sustaining and user friendly portal for making procurement by Government officers.

Can a GIA certificate be fake?

Every GIA certificate has a Report number associated with it. While people can fake certificates, they can’t fake the actual database’s information. Simply go to GIA Report Check and input the Report Number from the certificate to check for it’s authenticity.

Which is better GIA or AGS?

The only difference between AGS and GIA is the parameters for measuring Cut quality. With AGS, the cut grading scale is from 0-10 (along with descriptive wording), 0 means Ideal and 8-10 means Poor. The GIA scale includes Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair and Poor.

Who certifies gemstones in India?

In India, certification is dominated by few well-known players who have a national presence. These include the Gemological Institute of India (GII), Indian Gemological Institute and Institute of Diamond Trade (IDT).