What clarity should diamond studs be?

Does clarity matter in diamond stud earrings?

Fast Fact: Most experts agree that, when mounted, diamonds in the “G-H” range appear colorless, and represent a much better value than “D-F” stones which command significantly higher prices. Choosing the right Clarity: Diamonds with fewer flaws (inclusions) are rare and therefore more highly prized.

Is I1 clarity OK for earrings?

Any earring, necklace, bracelet or even ring that has heavily ornamented design and doesn’t put its diamonds front and center is a good choice for an I1 diamond. Otherwise, especially for ring designs that are meant to showcase a diamond’s quality, we’d suggest a higher clarity grade.

Is H Color good for diamond?

H Color Diamond (Near Colorless)

H color diamonds are an excellent value with a faint yellow hue that is difficult to detect unless compared side by side with other diamonds of a higher color grade. Typically, only a trained eye can see the difference between H and G color grades.

Are I2 diamonds okay for earrings?

Small little imperfections and black specks are fine… Only you will notice them. But if the flaws get too large, and too obvious (you can see them across the room), then they will take away from the beauty and sparkle of the stone. This is why I advise not buying I2 or I3 clarity diamonds.

Do diamond studs look better in white or yellow gold?

Yellow gold works fine for white diamonds as they will still stand out when set in it. However, such a setting will add some yellow tints to your stone, and although there will be contrast, a white setting would be even more suitable.

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