Quick Answer: What year did Diamond Rio start?

How did Diamond Rio get started?

The band first got together at Nashville’s Opryland theme park, and spent the first part of the ’80s performing bluegrass music there under the name the Tennessee River Boys. The future members of Diamond Rio joined one by one, and in 1986, they left Opryland to try their luck as a touring band.

Where was Diamond Rio born?

This highly successful country band comprises Gene Johnson (10 August 1948, Jamestown, New York, USA; mandolin/fiddle), Jimmy Olander (b. 26 August 1961, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA; lead guitar/banjo), Brian Prout (b. 4 December 1955, Troy, New York, USA; drums), Marty Roe (b.

What happened to Diamond Reo Trucks?

Despite new model introductions and excellent reputation Diamond Reo was forced into bankruptcy on December 6, 1974.

Diamond Reo Trucks.

Industry Automotive
Founded 1967
Defunct 2013
Headquarters Lansing, Michigan
Products Trucks
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