Is a diamond a renewable or nonrenewable resource?

Why is diamond a nonrenewable resource?

The diamonds are billions of years old and made out of coal meaning once the resource has been mined, many several hundred millions years after others are formed. A Diamond Is a non-renewable resource as their is nothing for it be recycled of and continue in its cycle once it has been used.

Is this renewable or nonrenewable resource?

Renewable resources include timber, wind, and solar while nonrenewable resources include coal and natural gas.

What type of natural resource is Diamond?

Diamond is an extremely stable form of carbon: It is a material with superior physical properties due to the very strong covalent bonding between the carbon atoms. Diamond has the highest hardness and thermal conductivity of any known natural or synthesized material.

Is diamond a resource?

Although world diamond production has increased significantly worldwide (production has tripled since 1980), diamonds are a scarce resource. Since 1990 there have been around 12,000 kimberlite deposits discovered worldwide, but less than 1% have enough diamonds in them to make them economically viable.

Is diamond a metal?

Diamond is not considered as a non-metal in the exceptional category as diamond is a form of carbon. It is not classified as an element. … It is an allotrope of carbon.

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