How much is a 2 carat VVS diamond?

Is a 2 carat diamond impressive?

A 2.00ct diamond can truly be a rare and beautiful thing. At their best, diamonds of this weight will have a stunning sparkle and perfectly display all the unique aesthetics that a diamond possesses.

Is VVS better than VS1?

VVS (Very Very Slightly Included) diamonds are a grade better than VS (Very Slightly Included) diamonds. VS diamonds (both VS1 and VS2) contain a small number of inclusions when the diamond is viewed under 10x magnification.

Do VVS diamonds shine more?

Do VVS diamonds sparkle more? No. VVS is a measure of clarity, not sparkle. The diamond’s cut determines how it sparkles.

What is better VVS or VS?

The main difference between VVS and VS clarity is the size of inclusions. VVS (Very, Very Slightly Included) and VS (Very Slightly Included) are the next two grading ranges. (You should remember that VVS denotes higher quality than VS.) The bottom two grades on the scale are Slightly Included (SI) and Included (I).

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