How long does it take to drive from Carnarvon Gorge to Emerald?

Is Carnarvon Gorge worth visiting?

A fabulous gorge for all levels of walkers/hikers. Loved the little side areas to explore just off the main trail. Swam in the rock pools and met some lovely walkers along the way. Worth the drive from Brisbane and good accommodation just outside the park.

Do I need a 4WD to drive to Carnarvon Gorge?

No you don’t need a 4WD to visit Carnarvon. The road is unsealed for about 30 mins into the National Parks Camping Ground. … You cannot take caravans into the National Park, however you can in the camping area near there. It sure is worth visiting for at least 3-4 days so you can do all the walks.

Can you drive through Carnarvon Gorge?

Is there two-wheel-drive access into the park? Carnarvon Gorge section has 2WD access through to the park entrance. This is the only sealed section for 2WD access to the park.

Are there crocodiles in Carnarvon?

They have also been recorded in isolated rivers in the Pilbara region, around Derby and Broome, and as far south as Carnarvon on the mid-west coast. Crocodiles and alligators both belong to the Order Crocodilia.

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Can you stay at Carnarvon Gorge?

Carnarvon Gorge has a range of accommodation options including camping, powered and un-powered caravan sites, and safari cabins. However, not all accommodation providers are open year round. Furthermore, accommodation should be booked well in advance for holiday periods.

Is Carnarvon Gorge Road sealed?

You certainly don’t need four-wheel drive or off-road vehicles under normal conditions, simply travel at an appropriate speed and drive to the conditions. The good news is that the entire road in to the national park is now fully sealed – bitumen all the way, and this greatly improves access in all weather.

How much does it cost to stay at Carnarvon Gorge?

From self-contained studios, cottages and cabins to glamping safari tents and standard caravanning and camping sites, you can map out your very own Carnarvon Gorge adventure between $36 and $215 per night.

Why is Carnarvon Wilderness Lodge closed?

The Wilderness Restaurant is temporarily closed due to staff shortages. … We look forward to re-opening the Wilderness Restaurant as soon a possible with the quality of food The Wilderness Lodge is renowned for.

Where do you stop on the way to Carnarvon Gorge?

Roma is a morning’s drive from Carnarvon Gorge, around 250 km. Injune is a good place (pretty well the only place!) to stop for a late morning snack or early lunch. The final 12 km into the gorge is dirt road.