How do you cut a Hydroneer gem?

Popular Jewelry Settings for Pink Diamond

Can you combine gems in Hydroneer?

The highlight of the update is the Gem Compressor – a water powered machine which can compress any gem into a compressed gem. These compressed gems can be used in crafting just like regular gems! … – Compressor object to combine multiple uncut, gems, or compressed gems.

What does the compressor do in Hydroneer?

The Compressor takes any amount of all variants (Uncut, Regular and Composite), of all types (Emerald, Sapphire and Ruby) of gems. Scroll down to see the variants of all compatible gems. Either drop them in manually, or use a conveyor system to drop them in.

How do you start a Hydroneer?

Guide to Hydroneer – First Steps

  1. Grab the shovel (Press E to pick up an item) and dig dirt (Left mouse button to dig).
  2. Deplete the dirt into the bucket.
  3. Repeat Steps 1 & 2 until the bucket is full, depending on the shovel, this will be twice, or 4 times.
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