Do the gems in Houseki no Kuni have genders?

Are the Gems in Land of the lustrous genderless?

The gem-folk are clearly not human, judging by how they’re immortal, can breathe underwater, and are made of crystal that can be put back together if it shatters. They’re also a genderless group, something cued in by the use of neutral pronouns in the official subs and dub. The biggest cue, however, is visual.

Is Cinnabar a boy or girl?

The name Cinnabar is a girl’s name.

Is Bort a diamond?

Bort is a gray to black massive diamond, the colour of which is caused by inclusions and impurities….…

What anime is diamond from?

Land of the Lustrous

Volume 1 cover, featuring (top to bottom) Bort, Phosphophyllite, Diamond, and Morganite
宝石の国 (Hōseki no Kuni)
Genre Action, fantasy
Written by Haruko Ichikawa
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