Can you use 2 gem ease?

Does gem of ease work in groups?

The gem of ease is NOT granted to the entire party, but only to the user wearing it. You still get EXP for being in the same dungeon as the person who killed an enemy, so anything that increases exp is helpful even if you’re not killing anything.

How high should I level gem of ease?

The Gem of Ease, once it reaches level 25 (so you’ll need to be able to run at least a Greater Rift 30 or so) can be socketed into a weapon to not only increase the amount of experience you get but also to lower the level requirement of that weapon to 1.

What should I use gem of ease on?


  • A level 25 Gem of Ease reduces the level requirement of any weapon to 1.
  • A level 25 life reg gem makes you immune to all damage. Put this in the amulet.
  • A level 25 toxin gem applies an insane dot. If you have any sort of AoE the dot will kill anything you touch. Put this in the ring.

Does gem of ease work for Paragon levels?

No. It also says that on the tooltip of the item. We’ll probably see more of these kind of legendary gems in the future. Got someone to 70 in about seven minutes combining that gem with the traditional plvl technique.

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How good is gem of ease?

At high ranks, Gem of Ease significantly boosts leveling, especially at lower levels (for comparison, level 1 monster grants 40 experience; level 55 grants 8700; level 60 grants 18700).

Does removing level requirement consume gem of ease?

socket gem in weapon Do NOT use the recipe to remove level requirement of a weapon. Craft Hellfire Amulet & Ring. They already have no level requirement. Use the amulet even if the passive isn’t for your leveling class.

Can you use gem of ease on ethereal?

Here is an example of a character you can make to farm Ethereals. The first step is to level a Gem of Ease to 25. At this point it can be inserted into any level 70 weapon to be used at lower levels. With a weapon this powerful in a level 12 game, you will one shot everything even on Torment 6 difficulty.

How do you get leoric’s crown?

Leoric’s Crown is a Legendary helm in Diablo III. It requires character level 8 to drop (but the Skeleton King will drop it as of level 5 the first time he is killed in Campaign Mode, reset by starting a new Campaign).

How high can legendary gems go?

If the Gem is higher, the chance is halved for each rank of difference. The max gem rank is 200, far beyond the highest Greater Rift Clear.

How does Caldesann’s despair work?

Caldesann’s Despair is a Kanai’s Cube added in Diablo 3 patch 2.4. This recipe allows players to use Legendary Gems to boost an Ancient or or Primal Legendary item with a 5 main stat bonus multiplied by the rank of the Legendary Gem used.

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