Best answer: What did Annemarie do with Ellen’s Star of David necklace?

What did Annemarie do with Ellen’s necklace in number the stars?

Though Annemarie is not herself Jewish, she has become involved in helping Ellen, which puts her in danger. By pulling the necklace off her friend she is taking matters into her own hands, literally and figuratively, and imprinting herself with her good work. Lise plays an important role in Ellen’s safety.

Why did Annemarie break Ellen’s Star of David necklace?

In the novel, “Number the Stars,” Annemarie hid Ellen’s necklace twice. The first time, when the soldiers came to her home, she grabbed it quickly from Ellen’s neck and held it in her hand. When the soldiers left she saw that she had held it so tightly that it left a Star of David imprint on her skin.

When Ellen asks where her necklace is how does Annemarie answer?

When Ellen asks Annemarie where she put her necklace, Annemarie replies that she “hid it in a safe place…a very secret place where no one will ever find it”. Annemarie promises that she will keep the necklace there for Ellen “until it is safe for (her) to wear it again” (Chapter 7).

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Where did Ellen get her necklace?

Ellen Fraser’s pearl necklace was a wedding gift to Ellen Fraser from Marcus MacRannoch, a former suitor. Jamie tells Claire that his father, Brian, gave the pearls to him to offer to his future wife, though he didn’t say where they had come from.

How did Papa prove that Ellen was his daughter?

What did Papa do to prove that Ellen was his daughter? … In the story, it says he quickly searched through the photo album’s pages, found what he was looking for, and tore out three separate pages and said, “You will see each of my daughters, each with her name written on the photograph.”

Why does Henrik need the handkerchief in the packet?

The handkerchief in the packet is so important in Number the Stars because it helps to save the lives of Jewish refugees. It is coated with a special drug that deprives the dogs used by the Nazis of their sense of smell. This means that the Germans are unable to find anyone hidden aboard the boat.

Why is Annemarie so confused about the death of Great Aunt Birte?

Who had died? … Why was Annemarie confused by this death? Annemarie was confused because no one called to say there was a death and no one seemed sad. Annemarie did not seem to believe Great-aunt Birte did not exist.

What does Annemarie see in the coffin in Chapter 11?

In this chapter, Annemarie discovers that the coffin is full of clothing and jackets for the people in the room. Peter, a 20-year-old member of the resistance, hands these items out, along with medicine to put a small child to sleep while they travel. Peter also gives a mysterious package to Mr.

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Who gave Ellen her necklace that Annemarie hid safely for her?

Ellen asks Annemarie what she did with her Star of David necklace. Annemarie says she hid it carefully and will keep it for Ellen until she can wear it again safely.

What happened to Lise things in number the stars?

Lise died in an unfortunate accident shortly before her wedding. After she dies, her family doesn’t have the heart to get rid of her trousseau, the chest that contains her wedding dress and the linens she would have used in her new home.

What does the Star of David symbolize in this story why is it important when the star becomes imprinted onto Annemarie’s hand?

The Star of David symbolizes the connection between Annemarie and Ellen and the protection of the Jews. … The Star of David is clutched in Annemarie’s hand because she is nervous as her family and Ellen are being questioned by the Nazi. She told him that Ellen was her sister.