Your question: Which gemstone is good for Virgo?

Which stone is good for Virgo?

Since Virgo is ruled by Mercury, the best gemstone for Virgo natives is Sapphire. This is generally known as Blue gemstone as blue is the most common color that is found in sapphire gemstones.

Which stone is good for Kanya Rashi?

Your star stone is Peridot. Its name comes from the Arabic word “faridat,” meaning gem. Peridot is sometimes referred to as an “Evening Emerald” because under artificial light it glows as a brilliant green. Legend has it that drinking from a peridot goblet can increase the potency of medicines.

What is lucky for Virgo?

Blue, Green, light yellow and white colors are considered to be lucky colors for Virgo. Whenever possible, the people of Virgo sign should stay away from red.

Can Virgo wear gold?

Gold is considered to be a precious metal every and women especially married women are very fond of gold and silver jewellery. … With this, it has been told in astrology that the people of Aries, Virgo and Sagittarius should not wear gold rings.

Can Virgo wear silver ring?

You can wear your ring on any finger of your right hand except the middle finger. … The metal rings will make you more alert, take away the cobwebs of doubt and help you make the right decisions.

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Which Colour is lucky for Virgo?

Virgo Lucky/Unlucky

Ruling Planet Mercury
Colour Green, White, Grey, Yellow and Orange
Lucky Stones Yellow Sapphire
Unlucky Stones Red Coral
Lucky Numbers 5, 6 & 2

What is a Virgo’s soulmate?

Virgo needs a partner with a strong sense of responsibility. … “This won’t be a problem with a sign like Capricorn, who shares your sense of duty and ambition, and Taurus, who’s reliable and grounded like you.” According to Cayne, the most compatible zodiac sign with Virgo is traditionally Pisces.