Your question: Where can I get ditto in Emerald?

What is the easiest way to get a ditto?

Catching a Ditto is all based on your luck but there are a few ways you can make sure you are maximising your Pokemon Go time.

  1. Use your nearby radar. Always keep an eye out for the target Pokemon on your nearby list. …
  2. Catch Ditto with lures and incense. …
  3. Dittos are the same for everyone. …
  4. Crack a Lucky Egg.

Where can I find wild Ditto?

Ditto can be exclusively found in the Lake of Outrage area in the Wild Area; this section is reserved for high-level Pokemon anywhere from level 50-60. Crossing the lake will bring you to a small patch of grass, this is where you are going to want to look for Ditto.

What type is Ditto?

Why is Smeargle banned?

The reason that a special ban is put into place for Dark Void is because of Smeargle. A Smeargle can use Sketch to copy Dark Void and bring it into battle. Smeargle has horrible stats, but a partner Pokémon with Trick Room can help Smeargle fire off a Dark Void before the enemy can respond.

Can you sketch metronome?

Sketch can now be used to copy Metronome, Mimic, and Transform like any other move (without the need for the move to fail due to sleep). Chatter cannot be sketched as well.

Is Smeargle a dog?

Smeargle is a Normal-type Pokémon species which resembles a bipedal canine. Its tail ends in a brush-like tip which secretes a colorful fluid, giving it the nickname “Painter Pokémon”.

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Body type Canine/Humanoid
Average height 1.2 m
Average weight 58 kg