Your question: What to do after beating the Elite Four Ruby?

What do you do after beating Elite 4?

Things To do

  1. Obtain 60 Pokemon and get the National Dex from Prfessor oak.
  2. help Celio obtain Ruby and Sapphire. …
  3. Go To Cerulean cave as Mewtwo is now obtainable.
  4. you can catch one of the three legendary dogs(When you pick Bulbasaur, you can catch Entei. …
  5. You can now challenge the Battle Tower.
  6. Go on the Unown quest.

Can you battle the Elite Four again Ruby?

After you have completed the Delta Episode, you’ll be able to challenge the Elite Four again and again. This time, they have more Pokémon, from all regions, and each have a Mega Evolution that they use at the end of battle.

Who do I show Mewtwo to Pokemon Let’s go?

Green – Trainer Overview

Green is the mysterious female trainer you meet in Cerulean Cave when you go back after capturing Mewtwo. She gives you Mewtwo’s Mega Stones.

Does Beldum evolve?

How do you beat Phoebe?

So, to beat Phoebe, use all your Pokémon. For Drake, a fast Salamence will do the job. Besides dragon moves being special in the game, Salamence can still win. A water Pokémon will be useful too if it can learn Ice Beam (Starmie will be a great choice).

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