Your question: What is the diamond shape in a flowchart?

What are the symbol used in flowchart?

Flowchart Symbols

Symbol Name Purpose
Input/ Output Used for denoting program inputs and outputs.
Decision Stands for decision statements in a program, where answer is usually Yes or No.
Arrow Shows relationships between different shapes.
On-page Connector Connects two or more parts of a flowchart, which are on the same page.

What does a rectangle represents in a flowchart?

In most flowcharts, the rectangle is the most common shape. It is used to show a process, task, action, or operation. It shows something that has to be done or an action that has to be taken. The text in the rectangle almost always includes a verb.

What does the diamond or rhombus in a flowchart signify?

Represented as a diamond (rhombus) showing where a decision is necessary, commonly a Yes/No question or True/False test. The conditional symbol is peculiar in that it has two arrows coming out of it, usually from the bottom point and right point, one corresponding to Yes or True, and one corresponding to No or False.

What do the different shapes mean in a Visio flowchart?

Each shape on the stencil represents a different kind of step in a process. However, there is no standard, universal meaning for the shapes – any shape can carry whatever meaning is agreed on by the people who will create and read the flowcharts. … That said, Visio shapes have names that suggest their most common uses.

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What is terminal symbol in flowchart?


Name Description
Flowline Flowline symbol shows the process’ direction. Each flowline connects two blocks.
Terminal Terminal symbol indicates the beginning or end of a flowchart
Process Process Symbol represent a step in a process. This is the most common component of a flowchart.

What is the parallelogram shape used for in a flowchart?

Parallelogram A parallelogram is used to read data (input) or to print data (output). Rectangle A rectangle is used to show the processing that takes place in the flowchart. Diamond A diamond with two branches is used to show the decision making step in a flowchart.

What is a terminator symbol?

Start/End symbol. Also known as the “Terminator Symbol,” this symbol represents the start points, end points, and potential outcomes of a path. Often contains “Start” or “End” within the shape. Document symbol. Represents the input or output of a document, specifically.

What does an arrow represent in a flowchart answer?

Answer: The arrow is used to guide the viewer along their flowcharting path. And while there are many different types of arrow tips to choose from, we recommend sticking with one or two for your entire flowchart. This keeps your diagram looking clean, but also allows you to emphasize certain steps in your process.

What do the flow lines do in a flowchart?

Flow line: Used to indicate the direction of flow of control. In drawing a proper flow chart, all necessary requirements should be listed out in logical order. The flowchart should be clear, neat and easy to follow.

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