Your question: Is canary diamond rare?

Why are canary diamonds expensive?

Much of a yellow diamond’s value, and the price you will pay, is due to the saturation and intensity of its yellow color. As we found out earlier, only around 0.001% of diamond carats that are mined are yellow colored fancy diamonds, which makes them relatively rare compared to white diamonds.

What is considered a canary diamond?

A canary diamond is more than just a yellow stone. Instead, it is brilliant and pure yellow shade that contains no lessening red, green, or brown hues that would detract from its beauty and darken its poignant colouring. Canary diamonds are one of the most popular and rarest of the yellow diamonds.

Why are yellow diamonds called Canary?

Because of this yellowish, dingy tint, the white diamond becomes undesirable. However, going past Z on the scale gives the diamond a purer yellow tone that becomes a color of beauty. When the diamond contains this strong yellow, the diamond begins to increase in value again and these are called canary diamonds.

What is Canary gold?

Canary Gold is an Indie-Rock band, currently based in Glasgow, Scotland. Fronted by brothers JP and Spencer O’Grady, the group interweaves a complex, layered and highly dynamic sound to create songs that feel both familiar and fresh.

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