Your question: How much does a diamond drill rig cost?

How much does a diamond drill cost?

Diamond drilling is more expensive. A typical diamond drill program probably costs north of $200 per meter, depending on the rock type, the expertise of the drillers, the drill location, and much more.

How much does a drill rig cost?

Rig mobilization and assembly expenses vary depending on how far the rig must be transported, but generally run between $100,000 to $350,000..

How much does RC drilling cost?

Calculating Drilling Costs

Proposed at an all up cost of approximately $AUD 120 per metre for 12,500 metre of RC drilling and $200 per metre for 2,250 metres of diamond drilling, it is anticipated that the drilling program will cost up to approximately $AUD 2,000,000 to complete.

How deep can a diamond drill go?

The planned 1,600-metre diamond drill hole will be the deepest one drilled to date at the Buriticá project and will span a final vertical depth of more than 2,000 metres below surface.

Will a diamond bit cut metal?

Yes, certain diamond blades can cut through metal, but this will depend entirely on the blades application. Most diamond blades are used to cut through concrete, brick, tile, and asphalt. … Usually, each blade is specialized to cut a certain material or hardness of materials.

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How much does a drilling rig cost per day?


The rig daily rate will vary according to the rig type, water depth, distance from shore and drilling depth. For onshore, it will be to 600,000 to 800,000 $/day (values are from 2010).

Can you make money drilling wells?

True, standard well drilling charges do vary widely around the country (our research shows that such costs range from as little as $6.00 a foot to over $20.00). … If you drill only one such well a week, you’ll earn $26,000 a year!

How fast is diamond drilling?

Typical penetration rates vary anywhere from 2 ipm to 12 ipm depending on bit formula and formation. As formations become harder, the penetration rate should be reduced to achieve good bit life. In extremely broken, hard ground, drill at half RPM and weight on bit sufficient to reach 1 to 2 ipm (3 to 5 cpm).

What is the difference between RC and diamond drilling?

Diamond drilling is more efficient for precise sampling and analysis, whereas RC drilling is adept at extracting bulk samples. When it comes to speed, RC drilling is the faster method. … However, for the most accurate results, look to diamond drilling.

How fast is RC drilling?

RC penetration rates are comparable to open drilling methods and are often faster at greater depths. Sample velocity through the inner tube can reach speeds of 250 m/sec, making the retrieval of drill cuttings a rapid but safe method requiring fewer man-hours.