Your question: Can Platinums play with diamonds apex?

What rank can platinum play with Apex?

Apex Legends Ranked Arenas Party Restrictions

Platinum-ranked players and above cannot party up with teammates more than one tier away in rank. So, Platinum can only play with Gold and Diamond players for example. Gold-ranked players and below can queue up with anyone in the Bronze to Gold range.

Can golds play with diamonds in Apex?

Bronze Tier: Can only queue with Bronze and Silver Tier players. Silver Tier: Can only queue with Bronze, Silver, and Gold Tier players. Gold Tier: Can only queue with Silver, Gold, and Platinum Tier players. … Diamond II: Can only queue with Diamond I, II, III, IV, V and Master Tier players.

Can apex predator play with Diamond?

It’s nearly impossible with the top Predators snowballing their way through Diamond lobbies. They have nothing to lose, so they will full send any fight and come out on top because they play the game for 15 hours a day.

Who is the best Apex player?

Top Players of 2020 for Apex Legends

Player ID % of Total
1. Reptar 66.01%
2. iShiny 61.46%
3. Monsoon 74.74%
4. ImMadness 60.46%

Are diamond players good Apex Legends?

The skill level of an average diamond player in Apex Legends is by far the lowest of any competitive game that I have ever played. from bronze to gold its literally people who’ve just installed the game its crazy.

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Can Diamond play with plat?

Platinum 1 can queue with those that are two tiers above them; this includes the Diamond IV and Diamond III tiers. The system will keep matches balanced, making sure players of similar skills are on both sides.

Can you drop from Diamond to Platinum apex?

Can you drop from diamond to platinum? or from predator to diamond? You can’t drop to a lower rank.

How do you get diamond badge in Apex?

Reach Apex Predator tier in Ranked Season 5. Reach Bronze tier in Ranked Season 6. Reach Gold tier in Ranked Season 6. Reach Diamond tier in Ranked Season 6.