You asked: Is Diamond environmentally friendly?

Why are diamonds not eco friendly?

Why natural diamonds are not eco-friendly

Mining in large quantities damages ecosystems, contaminates the soil, water and air. Mining one carat of diamonds causes: 3.10 tons of earth displacement. 0.056 C02e tons of greenhouse gas emissions.

Are any diamonds ethical?

Because of the Kimberley Process, 99.8% of diamonds are now certified conflict-free and there is much greater accountability and transparency in the diamond industry. Unfortunately, just because a diamond has been certified by the Kimberly Process does not necessarily mean it is ethical or even conflict-free.

Are diamonds recycled?

Historically diamonds have always been recycled, as consumers have pawned or sold jewelry, which was broken up with the bits and pieces sold to the highest bidder. In this way recycled diamonds reentered the diamond jewelry pipeline.

How do we know if a diamond is ethically sourced?

The only sure way to determine if a diamond is ethically sourced is to find out exactly where it came from. … Countries like Canada, Botswana, Namibia, and Sierra Leone have strict mining standards and are a perfect fit for ethically sourced diamonds.

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