You asked: How do you get Sapphire Dragon?

How do you get a sapphire dragon in Dragonvale?

Per the Dragonvale wiki, to get a Sapphire Dragon you must breed a Rain Dragon with a Mountain Dragon. The incubation time is 30 hours for the regular Breeding Cave/Epic Breeding Island.

How do you breed a sapphire dragon in Dragon story?

The Sapphire Dragon is obtainable: By purchase at the market for 1,600 . By breeding two dragons that collectively contribute Gemstone and Blue to the type pool.

How do you get Sapphire to tell you her name?

In the Dragonborn expansion, it is revealed that Sapphire is Delvin Mallory’s niece and the daughter of the Raven Rock blacksmith Glover Mallory. If you tell her this by bringing her Glover’s Letter, she will reward you with an exquisite sapphire.

How much is a diamond worth 5e?

Diamond. A valuable transparent white gemstone worth upwards of 5,000 gp, although small quarter-carat offcuts worth as little as 50 gp are used as spell components.

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