Why is there a Ruby on Roberto Coin?

What does the ruby mean in Roberto Coin jewelry?

According to an ancient belief, wearing a ruby close to the skin promoted long life, health and happiness and even today it is believed to possess these magic powers including the extraordinary ability of giving peace.

Is Roberto Coin jewelry a good investment?

Buying Roberto Coin jewelry has also been a very popular trend as of late, and would make an excellent addition for those who like to be on the cutting edge of fashion. … Your fine jewelry collection is worth growing so use the opportunity to show off your individuality as well as your financial savviness.

What does pois Moi mean?

What does Pois Moi even mean? RC: Pois means dot. Moi means myself.

Is Fine jewelry real diamonds?

The term “fine jewelry” is used for any jewelry that is made from precious metals such as gold, silver, or platinum. Fine jewelry typically uses genuine gemstones like diamonds, sapphires, rubies, or emerald.

Is it worth buying designer Jewellery?

Designer jewelry must meet strict quality standards, and designers must live up to their reputation, so you know they’ll deliver the best quality. So, buying from a respected brand means you pay a premium price for a premium piece of jewelry – it’s worth every penny!

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Why do we buy jewelry?

They buy it because it’s fun to wear, it has lasting value and it connects people across generations. People buy jewelry because they know they can enjoy it, then pass it down and enjoy watching other people wear it.

Is Roberto Coin expensive?

Considering the history behind the brand, the quality of each piece, the cause-related culture and the talent of the designer, it’s clear that Roberto Coin jewelry is worth every penny!