Why do rubies look pink?

Can real rubies be pink?

Rubies are found in shades of red, from rich darkish red to pigeon blood red and pinkish red. The Burmese coined the term “Pigeon’s blood” for rubies that exhibit a rich red with a purple secondary hue. Rubies are in the same gem family as sapphires. And a ruby that is very pink is actually a pink sapphire.

Why does my ruby look pink?

Trace amounts of chromium cause a reddish color in corundum. The amount of chromium and other trace elements will determine the purity of the red shade. The more chromium present, the redder the stone will appear. Lesser amounts of chromium will make the stone pinker.

Why does my ruby look purple?

Some rubies mined from specific parts of the world are known to have certain secondary colors, such as rubies from Myanmar, which are known to have a slight purple secondary color. Purple as a secondary color can actually be better in a ruby because it makes the red appear richer.

Can a ruby be blue?

When a corundum is red, it is classified as a ruby, and when it’s blue, it is called a sapphire. However, when colored differently, the color is mentioned as a prefix to the sapphire ( i.e. yellow sapphire).

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