Why do people make breastmilk jewelry?

How long does breast milk jewelry last?

If you would like to place an order using previously preserved milk, please fill out this form HERE after you place the order. 10-12 weeks once the milk has been received.

How much breast milk do you need to make a ring?

Only 30mL (1 ounce) of breast milk is needed per jewelry piece.

Does breast milk jewelry turn yellow?

A: Rest assured that your keepsake jewellery will not turn yellow or brown over time due to decay. Your breast milk will be put through a 6-step preservation process that ensures that it will not decay over the years.

Who invented breast milk jewelry?

Alison Hawthorn needed something to pass the time away during quarantine, so the British mom of four did what any bored parent would do — create a jewelry line out of breast milk.

What is a breast milk keepsake box?

Simply said, breastmilk jewelry is jewelry made of YOUR breast milk. You give one or two teaspoons of your breast milk to an artist, this artist will preserve it so that it will not spoil and then turns it into a gorgeous gemstone.

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