Why can’t I buy gems in clash of clans?

How do I fix an unavailable purchase on clash of clans?

make sure you haven’t disabled in-app purchases in system settings. make sure the in-app-purchase account you are using has a valid funding source attached and that it isn’t expired or waiting for you to provide the 3-digit security code. try force closing the app (or fully rebooting your device) and trying again.

How do I enable in-app purchases on clash of clans?

To do this go to your Google Play store app, choose Menu > Settings > Require authentication for purchases. This means you will need to set a password to make in-app purchases.

Why is COC banned?

Another big reason for bans is players gaining an unfair advantage. Our games are competitive by nature, and trying to gain the upper hand through foul play, such as 3rd party software, account sharing, or fraud is not allowed.

Why can’t I buy gems in clash of clans?

You can go to your settings menu and check to see that in-app purchases is turned on. If so, try quitting the game and restarting it. If you are having trouble with buying gems on an Android device, check to make sure that you are logged in using a valid Google account. You should also update our Play Store app.

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How do I enable in-app purchases?

How to enable or disable in-app purchases on iPhone or iPad

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Tap Screen Time, then Content & Privacy Restrictions. …
  3. Turn on Content & Privacy Restrictions by tapping the slider. …
  4. Tap iTunes & App Store Purchases. …
  5. Tap In-app Purchases, then select Allow or Don’t Allow.

How do you get 500 Gems on clash of clans?

You will earn an achievement for clearing obstacles from your village. After clearing five obstacles, you will earn five Gems. When you remove 50 obstacles, you will earn ten Gems. When you remove 500 obstacles, you will earn 20 Gems.

How do you get free Gems on clash of clans 2020?

However, there are many ways to get free gems in the game:

  1. Earn Gems by completing achievements.
  2. Find hidden gems by clearing trees and rocks in your village. …
  3. Open the gem box that appears in your village now and then.
  4. Keep an eye out for any ongoing events that reward gems.
  5. Repair the Gem Mine in the Builder Base.

Why can’t I make in app purchases?

If you experience trouble making a purchase, follow the steps below: Make sure in-app purchase options are set correctly on your device. Play Store > Payment Methods. … Verify that you are using a valid payment method and that your payment information is up to date.

How do I restore purchases on clash of clans?

To restore purchases on Android

  1. First of all, delete the app from your device.
  2. Tap Settings in your device.
  3. Log in with your email (same used to purchase)
  4. Download the app and tap Options > Restore purchases.
  5. Confirm your password if necessary.
  6. Get back to clips screen and tap icons to download.
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Who is owner of CoC?

Clash of Clans overview

Launch date 2 August 2012
People Ilkka Paananen (CEO)
Business type Subsidiary
Owner Tencent
Industry Mobile games

Is Clash of Clans good for brain?


It’s one of the best games having simple features to play and requires the tiniest brain, power, and efforts. It’s an amazing player who can create a clan and play the game together. All 3 online games are considered to be the best and simple games that require the tiniest brain, power and efforts.