Why are gems so special?

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Why are gems so important?

Gemstones are very precious and powerful stones, worn to ward off evil. They have healing and medicinal powers, which protect us against the bad effect of planets. They are known to boost the spiritual power of our body, keeping us happy and healthy.

Why is gemstone so popular?

Gemstones are also said to be popular in demand because of their value as well as, their craftsmanship that keeps the same set of quality that was anticipated million years ago. … Colored gemstone has always been popular due to the variety of choices and colors are never been fading until today.

Why do humans like gems?

Instinctive attraction

There may be evolutionary reasons why we gravitate towards shiny objects. Research published in the Journal of Consumer Psychology suggests that gems evoke the glossy surface of a body of water. Our pursuit of them may be rooted in a simple urge to survive. … Gem superstitions can also be gendered.

Why are crystals so rare?

But pretty crystals seem to be rare. Why? The answer is twofold: erosion and mixed composition. Wind, rain, and water flow have a way of knocking and mixing around things here on earth.

What are the 7 gems?

Strictly speaking the precious stones are only seven in number—the diamond, the pearl, the ruby, the sapphire, the emerald, the oriental catseye, and the alexandrite; but to these are often added the so-called semi-precious stones—such as the amethyst, the topaz, the tourmaline, the aquamarine, the chrysoprase, the …

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Are tanzanites rare?

Tanzanite is only found in northern Tanzania and is used to make ornaments. It is one of the rarest gemstones on Earth, and one local geologist estimates its supply may be entirely depleted within the next 20 years. The precious stone’s appeal lies in its variety of hues, including green, red, purple and blue.

Why are gemstones Coloured?

Every gemstone has its own unique chemical and atomic structure. Diamonds are made of carbon, rubies and sapphires of aluminium chloride – and so on. This, along with the presence of impurities, leads to the absorption of different wavelengths of light. The result is that gemstones vary in colour.

Are gemstones useful?

They incorporate gems into rituals to restore energy fields, gain peace, and promote love and safety. In some belief systems, practitioners actually place gemstones on certain areas of the body to promote healing. For most people, however, simply wearing a piece of jewelry made with a specific gem is sufficient.