Who made the Emerald Dream?

Did ysera create the Emerald Dream?

They created a mirror dimension, known as the Emerald Dream, which would remain an unchanged copy of the natural world. They also created new guardians for Azeroth, among them the Titan Keepers. Ysera was not created by the Titans.

Is ardenwald the Emerald Dream?

Ardenweald can be compared to the Emerald Dream, to which it has an ancient link that has existed since before the fracturing of the Pantheon, but where the Dream represents the spring and summer of the cycle of life, Ardenweald reflects autumn and winter.

Did elune create Ysera?

She confirms that she and the other Naaru were made by Elune in the great ordering of Light and Shadow. … When Ysera is killed, Elune turns her into a constellation, turns her body into a glade and purifies the corrupted Tear of Elune, a Pillar of Creation.

How did Ysera get corrupted?

Ysera was ultimately corrupted by the satyr Xavius and the Emerald Nightmare, and was, with much sadness, slain by Tyrande Whisperwind and the Cenarion Circle. Following her death, her spirit came to reside in Ardenweald within the Shadowlands, where in time the Winter Queen bound her to Ardenweald itself.

Who does Ysera belong to?

Ysera is an Alliance majority connected realm. Approximately 56% of the connected realm group’s population is Alliance, while the other 44% belong to the Horde.

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Is Ysera a druid?

Ysera, Unleashed is a legendary druid minion card, from the Descent of Dragons set.

Who corrupted Xavius?

Xavius was the first satyr ever. He was originally a Highborne night elf and the person who first accidentally contacted Sargeras, beginning the Legion’s invasion of Azeroth 10,000 years ago. After he was killed by Malfurion Sargeras tortured his spirit and then recreated him as a satyr.

Is Emerald Dream a PvP server?

The Emerald Dream server (US) is a Role-play – Player vs. … RP-PvP servers were opened at subscribers’ request.

What is Ardenweald?

Ardenweald is the realm of hibernation and restoration. When animals and other beings with a strong nature affinity die, Ardenweald is where their spirits go to hibernate as wildseeds before being reborn—either in their home worlds or in Ardenweald to become a tender of new spirits.