Who lost the necklace in the story the necklace?

How did the necklace get lost?

A skillful thief could unfasten the clasp with his fingers and slip off the necklace as he whirled the young woman around on the dance floor. … Maupassant may have been thinking of that fairy tale when he wrote “The Necklace.” Like Mathilde, Cinderella was a beautiful girl who never got to go anywhere.

What happened to the necklace in the necklace?

In “The Necklace,” Mathilde Loisel yearns to live a rich and extravagant life. One night, she borrows a friend’s diamond necklace so that she can attend a fancy event with her husband. She loses the necklace, feels compelled to replace it, and spends the next ten years working herself to the bone to pay it off.

Did they found the lost necklace?

Loisel had borrowed a diamond necklace from her friend Mme. … When she returned home after attending it, she discovered that she had lost the necklace. M. Loisel, her husband again went on the path from which they had passed to search for it, but found nothing.

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Where did Matilda lose her necklace?

Answer: Matilda had lost the diamond necklace that she had borrowed from Madame Forestier, at the ball. When it was not found in the folds of her dress, in the folds of the cloak, in pockets, everywhere, Mr Loisel went out.

Was the necklace stolen?

Taking the necklace to his jeweler best friend, they find the necklace was never taken apart and sold throughout the world as everyone said – meaning his father never stole the necklace, and in all probability, the robbery never occurred in the first place.

What happened after Mathilde lost the necklace?

Describe what happened after she lost the necklace–up to when she met Madame Forestier ten years later. When Mathilde loses the necklace, she is “thunderstruck” and begins to go in panic. … Mathilde works until she makes up for the necklace. Loisel buys a new, diamond necklace and returns it to Madame Forestier.

How much was the lost necklace actually worth the necklace?

As Mme Forestier tells Matilda at the end of the story, the necklace was only worth 500 francs while she and her husband thought that it was a real one which was 40,000 Francs.

What did Mathilde and her husband do to replace the necklace?

They changed their flat; they took a garret under the roof. Both, Madame and Monsieur Loisel had to give up their lifestyle to replace this piece of jewelry. Monsieur went on to invest his inheritance, and give up all this belongings. Mathilde had to take jobs and work harder than she ever had.

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Who lends a necklace to Madame Loisel?

Mathilde Loisel

When she prepares to attend a fancy party, she borrows a diamond necklace from her friend Madame Forestier, then loses the necklace and must work for ten years to pay off a replacement. Her one night of radiance cost her and Monsieur Loisel any chance for future happiness.

What did Mathilde suffer from?

She suffered from the poverty of her apartment, the shabby walls and the worn chairs. All these things tortured and angered her. She was always dissatisfied, always unhappy, always craving for all the delicacies and luxuries of life.

Why does Mathilde leave the party in a rush?

Why does Mathilde rush off after the party? Mathilde rushed off because she didn’t want anyone to see her in her poor looking coat.