Who is harmonize to Diamond?

How much did Harmonize pay diamond to leave wasafi?

Tanzania’s Rajab Abdul Kahali the magical artist and lead singer in Happy Birthday bongo flavor song has revealed that he is free like a bird and not part of the Wasafi Record label owned by Diamond Platinumz.

Where did Harmonize originate?

Who are wasafi members?

WCB Wasafi consists of 35 employees, including all artists signed under the label, producers, photographers, artist managers, dancers and the whole management.


Categories Names
Artist Managers Babu Tale, Sallam SK,Hilpolith De Rothschild, Said Fella, Dorice Mziray, Ricardo Momo, Makame Fumbwe

Is Harmonize rich?

Harmonize – $ 1.2 million

His music career started way back at Wasafi records and skyrocketed to owning his label Konde Boy records.

Does Diamond have a twin brother?

Who is Mama Dangote?

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