Which yellow sapphire is best?

Which Pukhraj stone is best?

5.5-9 Yellow Sapphire Or Pukhraj Best Quality

Color yellow
Brand D3 MART
Carat 5.5-9
Gemstone Material Real

Who wears yellow sapphire?

3. Yellow Sapphire Stone gives quick results if worn in Gold or Panch Dhatu on a Thursday. According to the sacred textbooks, all married women who desire a harmonious married life and a happy family should wear a Yellow Sapphire for a prosperous family life.

In which finger should Pukhraj be worn?

Wear the ring on the index/first finger of the right hand. The weight of the stone should be ideal and preferably two carats or more. More the weight more is the power and effect of Pukhraj. Before wearing sit in the North, East, or Northeast position and on a yellow colored asana.

Is Pukhraj expensive?

Pukhraj can be a best present to your loved ones on occasions like wedding and anniversaries. Compared to other gemstones Yellow sapphires are less costly, and they are available between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 50,000 per carat.

Is yellow sapphire lucky?

The yellow sapphire attracts good luck, fortune, abundance and prosperity. With all these special qualities, this stone’s most important quality is its ability to amplify luck. Thus, it is known as the stone of fortune of luck because of its ability to grant strong luck to its wearer.

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