Which state is known as the Gem State?

What is Idaho’s nickname and how did it get it?

Gem State or Gem of the Mountains

In 1863, Congress designated the Idaho Territory with the erroneous understanding that Idaho was a Shoshone word meaning Gem of the Mountains. This has led the state to be nicknamed Gem of the Mountains, or most succinctly in more recent times, The Gem State.

Why is Arkansas called the Gem State?

Arkansas designated diamond as the official state gem in 1967 (the same legislation, Act 128, recognizes quartz crystal as the state mineral and bauxite as the state rock). Arkansas is one of the few places in North America where diamonds are present and the only place where tourists may hunt for them.

Which state is called the Gem State in India?

The legislature adopted the purple-hued gem as an icon of the state in 1967. The stone can only be found in two places in the world: India — and Idaho of course.

What is the capital of Idaho?

What are residents of Idaho called?


State federal district or territory Recommended by US GPO)
Georgia Georgian
Hawaii Hawaii resident
Idaho Idahoan
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