Where was the first Jeff Ruby’s Steakhouse?

What is Jeff Ruby’s net worth?

Jeff Ruby on Twitter: “his net worth is $3.7 billion not $10… ”

How many children does Jeff Ruby have?

That’s one of the reasons I do what I do with these kids,” he said. Ruby has three biological children and three adopted sons whose fathers died when they were young.

What is the dress code for Jeff Ruby’s?

There is no specific dress code for this restaurant and definitely no tie required. However, as it is an upscale restaurant, I would suggest at least dressing casually (no shorts, flip flops, etc). Short sleeve shirts are ok, but tank tops are not recommended.

Does Jeff Ruby’s have soda?

They have sodas (coke’s), unsweetened ice tea, and water. over a year ago.

Is Jeff Ruby’s kid friendly?

Yes, they are family friendly.

Does Jeff Ruby live in Cincinnati?

Cincinnati restaurateur Jeff Ruby’s home in Mount Lookout has been customized to meet his businessman-bachelor needs. His large master bathroom is also a closet, dressing room and bar.

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