Where is the Golconda diamond mine?

Are Golconda mines still active?

It currently falls under the Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh. It is thought to have produced many large diamonds, known as Golconda Diamonds, several of which are or have been a part of crown jewels. The mine was established in the 16th century and operated until the 19th century.

Where is diamond mine in India?

As of 2017, there was one industrial-scale diamond mine in India, the Majhgawan mine, near the town of Panna, Madhya Pradesh. The deposit is in a kimberlite or lamproite pipe 6.5 ha in area, and yields 10 carats to the ton. Mining is done by an open pit, which was 85 m deep as of 2011.

Which Indian states is famous for diamond mines?

Madhya Pradesh is known for the only industrial-scale diamond mine in India which is the Majhgawan mines near the town of Panna in the Bundelkhand area. The mine has a capacity to produce almost 84,000 carats per year and is owned by the central National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC).

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