Where is the diamond in below zero?

Do diamonds Respawn in Subnautica below zero?

They’re forever, apparently. Diamonds are a rare resource in Subnautica Below Zero, vital for certain crafting recipes for excellent equipment.

How do I get to tree Spires?

The Tree Spires are a biome located just outside the Lily Pad Islands. Perhaps the easiest entrance is from Marguerit’s Seabse. While descending from Marguerit’s base, you can either go into the Tree Spires or access an entrance to the Crystal Caves.

Do Subnautica resources Respawn below zero 2021?

They don’t respawn. They respawn in the stable version of the game when an update in those files is required because the level designers changed things in those batches. Also, you will find they respawn if your game didn’t save those files properly for various reasons.

Can you run out of resources in Subnautica?

Most resources respawn yes.

Does metal salvage Respawn?

Yes. It respawns. It is slow but not to slow, and not to fast. It is perfect actually.

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