Where does the story take place in the necklace?

What is the setting of the story in The Necklace?

Lesson Summary

Guy de Maupassant’s ”The Necklace” takes place in Paris, France, at the close of the 19th century. He uses the setting of the story to establish Mme. Loisel’s longing by juxtaposing Loisel’s home with that of the comfortably situated Mme. Forestier, her more affluent friend.

What is the setting of The Necklace How does this affect the plot of the story?

The author uses the unreal setting Mathilde creates to demonstrate the falsity of her visions of wealth and prestige. The Loisels gather all their life savings and borrow sufficiently to purchase a substitute diamond necklace and return it to Madame Forestier, hoping she will not notice the switch.

How is the setting in The Necklace important?

Madame Loisel’s setting is important because it reinforces the extent to which she lives in fantasyland. She is comparable to a person today who spends so much time looking at beautiful homes on television or in glamorous magazines that she does not understand that her middle-class home is perfectly fine.

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Where does the primary action take place in The Necklace?

The action takes place in 1884 in Paris, France. The characters are in Loisel’s apartment and at a party at the Ministry of Education.

What is the setting of the story?

Setting is the time and place an author chooses for a literary work. … Setting also includes the physical landscape, climate, weather, and the societal and cultural surroundings that serve as a backdrop for the action. Setting is revealed through the exposition of a story.

What is the setting of the story The Necklace is it appropriate to the genre?

Plot Summary: The story is set in 19th century France where the main characters are a middle class couple. The wife, Madame Mathlide Loisel, strives to appear wealthy (which she equates with happiness).

What is the problem in the story The Necklace?

The conflict is that Mathilde loses the necklace and has to give up the one thing she has to give it back. A conflict is, simply put, a struggle between opposing forces. Conflicts can internal or external. An internal conflict is between a character and his or her self, and usually involves a tough decision or fear.

What is the climax of the story The Necklace?

In “The Necklace,” the climax occurs when the Madame Loisel realizes that the necklace, she borrowed from a friend is truly lost.

How do we know The Necklace takes place in France?

“The Necklace,” by French writer Guy de Maupassant, does not specify which time period it takes place in; however, the story is most likely set during the late 19th century, known as the Belle Époque, since it was written in 1884.

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What do the Loisels end up doing about the lost necklace?

What do the Loisels end up doing about the lost necklace? They borrow money, buy a new necklace, and return it to Madame Forestier as if it’s the original. They eventually tell Madame Forestier the truth about losing the necklace, and lose her as a friend.

Who are the characters in the short story The Necklace?

The main characters in “The Necklace” are Mathilde Loisel, Monsieur Loisel, and Madame Forestier.