Where does a 16 inch necklace hit?

Where does a 16 inch necklace hang?

Standard Necklace Lengths for Women

Necklace Length Position on the Body
16″ Necklace Falls perfectly around the base of the neck like a collar. On a petite woman it hangs loosely around the neck and falls just at the collarbone. On a plus size women it might sit more like a choker.

What length necklace will go over head?

When selecting a chain’s length, consider the person who will be wearing the chain. A chain will look shorter on a tall or large person than it will on a small person. Longer chain (28″ and 30″) can slip over the head without unfastening, which might be helpful to someone who has trouble fastening small clasp.

What’s a good necklace length for a girl?

Necklace Size Chart for Children

Toddlers 1-4 years supervise while wearing 10 to 12 inches
Little Girls 5-8 years 12 to 15 inches
Older Girls 8-13 years 14 to 16 inches
Teens 14+ 16 inches +

Whats a good chain length for a man?

For most men’s chains, 50 cm (20”) is the average length. This falls at the collar bone between the top two buttons on a shirt and looks good inside or outside the shirt. If you’re wearing a pendant necklace, opt for 55-63 cm (22-25”) so the pendant finishes in the middle of your chest.

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What is a good length for a child’s necklace?

Babies and toddlers up to 4T typically wear 10 inches to 14 inches. Children up to 12 years old usually wear between 14-18 inches. Teens from 13 years old to adults can wear necklaces with a length of 16 inches to 20 inches.

Where should a pendant necklace hang?

It looks good with a pendant. It will fall a couple of inches below the collarbone. It tends to be just under the 2nd button of a button-down shirt. This length can be worn over or under a shirt, depending on the style goal of the necklace.