Where do you get timer balls in sapphire?

How do you get Pokeballs in Pokemon Sapphire?

They can be bought from Poké Marts and also found for free in many places around the world map. Poké Marts in Slateport, Mauville, Verdanturf, Fallabor, etc. Most any Poké Marts in Fortree, Lilycove, Mossdeep, Sootopolis, etc.

Is timer ball better than ultra ball?

They can achieve a catch rate twice that of ultra balls, and they cost less. However, ultra balls appear to be more popular.

What is the catch rate of a premier ball?

List of Pokéballs

Type Catch Rate Multiplier
Fast Ball 4x if used on a pokémon with base speed of 100+ 1x on all others
Sport Ball 1.5x
Premier Ball 1x
Repeat Ball 3x if the pokémon being caught is displayed in your pokédex as having been caught before

Where can I buy ultra balls in sapphire?


  • Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald: It is available at all Poké Marts after earning 5 gym badges.
  • Fire Red and Leaf Green: It is available at all Poké Marts after earning 5 gym badges.

How do you get Poke Balls in Pokemon Ruby?

Most Poke Balls can be bought at Poke Marts in each town. As you beat more Gyms, Great Balls and Ultra Balls will become available. A Poke Ball with a 1x Catch Rate. Buy it at any market.

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What is the best Poké Ball?

The Master Ball is the best ball in the game. It will capture any Pokemon with a 0% chance of failure, including Legendaries. You get the Master Ball from Professor Magnolia after completing the Pokemon League. You will only get one copy of this Pokeball in the game so use it wisely.

Are timer balls good for Legendaries?

Timer Balls are some of the most OP Pokeballs in the game — and they’re one of the few that are relatively easy to get. … With Timer Balls, your legendary hunting should go a lot more smoothly. You’ll still waste a lot of them, but it increases your chances by a pretty wide margin.

Can Master Ball fail?

Only in Gen 1, in all other gens it’s impossible for it to fail. Not even in gen 1. In no Pokemon game has a master ball ever been able to fail.

What is Calyrex catch rate?


Calyrex GALAXYBRAIN Pokémon #2895
Type Psychic Grass Unknown
Gender ratio 50% / 50% Catch rate 20 (2.6%)
Breeding Egg groups Grass and Field Hatch time 30855 steps
Height 5’2″ 1.6 m 0’0″ 0 m Weight 33.1 lbs. 15.0 kg 0 lbs. 0 kg