When did shadow Ruby come out?

Did shadow Ruby come out?

The Ruby Shadows skin will be available as part of The Street Shadows challenge pack for Fortnite players on PC starting from May 20, 2021.

Is the shadow Ruby skin only for PC?

Exactly, the Ruby Shadows Skin is a PC-only skin, which requires you to log in to the Epic Games Store and get exposed to the storefront’s tempting Mega Sale. Indeed, if you’re a console player, you better install Fortnite on your PC already if you want this skin.

How do u get shadow Ruby?

To get the Ruby Shadows skin, you have to complete all three Stree Shadows challenges. Once you obtain, the Back Bling, Glider, and Pickaxe, you’ll automatically obtain the Shadow Ruby skin. The first challenge is easy enough, only requiring you to play with friends.

What is outlast 500 opponents fortnite?

When claimed, players will need to complete a series of challenges to unlock all of the cosmetics. One of the challenges asks players to Outlast Opponents. In total, you’ll need to outlast 500 opponents and that rewards the Sky Shadow glider.

Can you get shadow Ruby on mobile?

How To Unlock The Ruby Shadows Fortnite Skin For Free On Console And Mobile. … Load up Fortnite and head to the item store. Scroll down to the ‘Limited Time’ section and select the Stree Shadows Challenge Pack.

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