What test did Ruby Bridges take?

How was Ruby Bridges selected?

She was chosen to be part of a small group of black students who would take an exam given by the school district. The exam determined which students would attend the all-white schools. Bridges was one of six black children who passed the exam. She enrolled in William Frantz Elementary School.

What happened to Ruby Bridges son?

At 17, Ruby Bridges had a son, Craig, the first of four. The night of last July 4, he was shot to death on the streets of New Orleans. No one was arrested, Bridges says; “I think that it’s probably very, very hard to pick that investigation back up after the storm.” His death was both horrible and familiar.

Who was the first black person to go to a white school?

On November 14, 1960, at the age of six, Ruby became the very first African American child to attend the all-white public William Frantz Elementary School. Ruby and her Mother were escorted by federal marshals to the school. When they arrived, two marshals walked in front of Ruby, and two behind her.

What college did Ruby Bridges attend?

What is the main reason that Ruby’s mother wants her to attend the formerly all white school?

Ruby’s mother. She wanted Ruby to receive a better education. A psychiatrist who helped Ruby deal with the stress of going to an all white school. White child who attended William Frantz until her family realized the risk was not worth it.

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