What should I spend my gems on in rise of kingdoms?

What is the best thing to spend gems on in clash of clans?

By far, the best way to acquire resources rapidly with gems is to boost your army production instead and use troops to raid for resources. How much better will it be? Probably 10-30+ times more, depending on the player and their strategy.

Can gems be stolen in rise of kingdoms?

Gems cannot be plundered regardless of which form they are in. Gems can be used to purchase items from the mysterious merchant, the Shop, or the VIP Shop.

How many gems do you need to get all 5 builders?

The player has to spend 2000 gems to hire all the five builders of Clash of Clan game.

How many gems does it take to finish a 1 day upgrade?

The number of gems is greater the more time that is remaining on the upgrade, but does anyone know exactly how it is calculated? For example, to skip a 1 day upgrade costs around 200 gems ( I think) But to skip a 7 day upgrade costs 1000 gems. Or to skip a 14 day upgrade costs around 1800 gems.

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How many gems do you get in Kingdom two crowns?

The total of gems available in all islands is thirty-five, and the amount required to unlock all features is thirty-eight gems, which makes impossible to unlock them all, even if the Monarchs don’t lose any gems.

How do you get free gems on kingdoms?

Disney Magic Kingdoms: How to Get More Gems for Free

  1. Level Yourself Up.
  2. Run a Parade.
  3. Level Up Your Characters.
  4. Watch Some Videos.
  5. Play Every Day.

How do you enter cheats in rise of kingdoms?

How to use the Rise of Kingdoms codes?

  1. Step 1: Tap on your profile icon in the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Step 2: Head on to the Settings menu.
  3. Step 3: Select the Redeem option (which appears as a gift).
  4. Step 4: Type in the 10-digit code and tap on the Exchange button.

How do you hack rise of the kingdom?

Best Working Rise of Kingdoms Hacks

  1. Upgrade Commander Skill to 5 Before Upgrading Stars.
  2. Using Correct Commander Pairings.
  3. Use The Right Type of Troops.
  4. Using Lohar.
  5. Create Presets for your Dispatches!
  6. Have a Farm Account, not Rise of Kingdoms hacks.
  7. Understanding the best Packages to buy.
  8. Events.