What Ruby asks Ivan?

What question does Ruby ask Ivan?

When Ruby confronts Ivan about “saving” her and asks Ivan if she will spend her life here, Ivan tells her he wants to get her out of here and to a zoo. Ivan hatches a plan to get Ruby transported to a zoo: He will paint a sign that draws attention to Ruby, and get Julia to recognize what he’s done.

What does Ruby want in the One and Only Ivan?

This changes with the arrival of Ruby, the baby elephant. Ruby is very curious and inquisitive, she wants to learn. Ivan tries to answer every question she has and in doing so his memory improves, he can, for the first time, paint things using his imagination and memory (Applegate 92).

What story did Ruby tell Ivan and Bob?

Perhaps it’s in elephant DNA, but like Stella, Ruby turns out to be a good storyteller. She tells Bob and Ivan the story of her capture, how she lost her family and how humans saved her. Bob, the cynic, doesn’t believe she was saved.

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How does Ruby help Ivan?

It is Ruby who inspires Stella to ask Ivan to guarantee a brighter future for her charge as she dies, and in this way, it is Ruby who contributes to Ivan’s own fate changing.

What is a claw stick?

The claw-stick is a device used to train elephants, consisting of a stick with a crescent-shaped hook at the end—the hook is capable of piercing an elephant’s tough hide.

What did Mack do with Stella?

What did Mack do with Stella? He buried her near his house.

What are Ivan’s traits?

This intelligent, modest and funny narrator and hero seems more human than gorilla. He has a story to tell, one he thinks is important enough for humans to hear. He learns to communicate with the people around him though his art.

What is Ivan’s personality?

By nature Ivan is a very studious person who has strong intellectual inclinations, qualities that later dominate his personality. As a result, we come to know Ivan through his thoughts rather than through his actions; in other words, his intellect defines his essential nature.

What happened to Ruby’s family in the One and Only Ivan?

Ruby is an orphan whose parents and family were killed by humans; none of the other animals are surprised to hear this. Stella takes Ruby like she is her own child, giving her all the affection and attention a baby elephant deserves.

How does Ivan feel about Julia?

As a character, Julia is consistently good. Side by side, Ivan and Julia bring out the best in each other, and though Ivan isn’t particularly fond of kids—namely the ones who taunt him and throw things at the glass—he sees Julia as different. She makes him want to be a better, er, gorilla.

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What regularly became of Ivan’s drawings?

Q. What regularly became of Ivan’s drawings? They were sold in the gift shop near his domain.

What is Ivan’s jungle missing?

Ivan only draws what he can see like banana peels or apple cores. Ivan doesn’t like to create art. What is Ivan’s “jungle” missing? … Eating fresh bananas.