What metal is used for blue sapphire?

What metal makes sapphires blue?

The intense blue of the sapphire is caused by the addition of titanium and iron to the mineral corundum.

Which metal is suitable for Neelam?

Blue Sapphire when wearing this gem as an astrological remedy. Neelam should be worn on silver or gold.

Is blue sapphire worn in gold or silver?

Blue Sapphire also known as the Neelam Stone is generally worn in Silver in majority of the cases and gives good results for most of the people.

What metal goes best with sapphire?

White Metal:

This shade of metal works superbly with blue sapphire. The white color does not reflect any of its own color onto the crystal, but only enhances the sparkling beauty of the rock. The precious metals that you could choose in white are – platinum, white gold, silver, palladium, zirconium, rhodium.

Which gemstone has which metal?

What Metal to Wear with my Astrological Gemstone

Planet Primary Gemstone Primary Metal
Venus Diamond Gold (White is generally considered best)
Mars Red Coral Gold
Jupiter Yellow Sapphire Gold (Yellow is generally considered best)
Saturn Blue Sapphire Silver

Can Neelam wear in gold?

Yes, obviously! Neelam stone can be worn in a gold ring or pendant. It gives auspicious results when worn in gold.

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Can we remove Neelam ring?

Therefore never attempt to remove a neelam stone from your finger once you have chosen to wear it. Never allow anyone to wear your Blue Sapphire neelam stone You must be careful of never letting somebody else wear your blue sapphire.

How do I charge my blue sapphire?

Blue sapphire

The best day and time to recharge this stone is Friday evening sunset time. Put out this ring on Friday evening (Sunset) time. take a bowl of water dip blue sapphire ring in it and place in the house temple overnight also add some rock salt in the water bowl with the blue sapphire ring.