What level does Lombre evolve in emerald?

How does Lombre evolve in emerald?

Evolution. Ludicolo is the evolved form of Lombre, and is the final evolutionary stage of Lotad. To evolve Lombre into Ludicolo one must use a Water Stone.

Is Ludicolo good in emerald?

1 Answer. Yes, Ludicolo is definetely I Pokemon worth getting and like sumwun pointed out Lotad can be caught very early in the game and is easy enough to evolve into Ludicolo “so it can be useful for most of the playthrough”. And with high Sp. Def, good Sp.

Is Seedot good Pokemon Emerald?

At first glance, Seedot looks like a poor choice as a Pokemon. It has mediocre stats across the board, with its highest being a Defense stat of 50, something that it can’t even effectively utilize. … Unfortunately, the rest of Seedot’s movepool is very shallow, but it is still just enough for Seedot to succeed.

What’s the best starter pokemon in emerald?

Generation Three: Pokémon Emerald

Mudkip’s fantastic offensive typing, mixed offensive and defensive stats, and powerful movepool make it a clear choice for our top ranking. Early game usefulness is key for a starter, and Mudkip enjoys overwhelming type advantages against the first, third, and fourth Gyms.

Is Ralts a good Pokemon?

2 Answers. If you want a Psychic type then Ralts/Gardevoir is the one to get. It comes very early in the game, so you can level it up as soon as possible. It has two very good abilities.

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Is Shiftry a physical attacker?

Explosion gives Shiftry access to a one-time physical attack with 250 Base Power at the cost of Shiftry itself.