What lesson can we learn from Ruby Bridges?

What is the main idea of the story of Ruby Bridges?

Main Idea of Ruby Bridges

Ruby Bridges is a non fiction story about how history was made despite racism and prejudice in the 1950’s in southern United States.

What are some of Ruby Bridges major accomplishments?

What is one reason why Ruby Bridges is a role model?

What is one reason Ruby Bridges is a role model? She won the Supreme Court case that ended segregation in school. She bravely stood up for equal rights when she integrated a school. She worked with Eleanor Roosevelt to end segregation.

How was Ruby Bridges respectful?

She was not allowed to go to the cafeteria or outside for recess with the other students. When she needed to use the restroom, she was escorted by a federal marshal. Ruby’s family faced discrimination outside of the school as well. … Ruby’s foundation promotes tolerance, respect, and appreciation of people’s differences.

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