What kind of Jewellery should I wear with net saree?

What kind of jewellery should I wear with saree?

Whereas for lighter skin tones diamond and silver coloured jewellery is the way to go. Warm coloured sarees such as of the colour red, yellow, orange, and maroon pair up remarkably well with golden coloured jewellery. For cooler shades, consider silver, diamond, or white-stone jewellery.

Can we wear shapewear under net saree?

Shapewear is available for almost every outfit, including sarees. Saree shapewear is a more fitted, toned, and figure-hugging skirt that you can wear under your saree. It gives the illusion of a nice, sleek figure with amazing curves. It will give you more confidence and keep you comfortable in a saree.

Can saree be worn without petticoat?

You can wear a saree without a petticoat. While this skirt-like bottom half of the three-piece outfit is traditional, you can swap it out with other pieces of clothing. Leggings and shapewear are acceptable alternatives to petticoats. You can drape a saree in a hundred ways, so there is no one true way to wear one.

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