What jewelry was popular in the 70’s?

What jewelry did men wear in the 70s?

Men’s fashion and jewelry went extravagant in the 70s. Taking a page from the late 40s “bold look,” 70s jewelry pieces were large and attention grabbing. Gold chains, chunky bracelets, and medallions were commonplace, made all the more popular by celebrities like Burt Reynolds, John Travolta, and Tom Selleck.

Are ID bracelets popular?

While these traditions have fallen out of practice, the identification bracelet is still a very popular piece of personalized jewelry. Today, they often are used to display medical information regarding life-threatening conditions the wearer might have.

Were chokers popular in the 60s?

Chokers are still popular today, but they were extremely fashionable in the 1960s, just like ankle bracelets were an iconic trend of the 1970s.

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