What is the movie Ruby on Lifetime about?

What is Ruby about on Lifetime?

Ruby (8 p.m., Lifetime) – Lifetime begins a new series of movies inspired VC Andrews books, starting tonight with “Ruby,” about a young woman named Ruby Landry (Raechelle Banno), born in the Louisiana bayou and watched over by her loving Grandmère Catherine (Naomi Judd).

How many VC Andrews Ruby movies are there?

Andrews’ Ruby’ Kicks Off Four-Movie ‘Landry Family’ Series. Lifetime is preparing to entertain fans with the highly anticipated V.C. Andrews’ Ruby series. This series includes a cast of well-known actors.

Who is Ruby Landry parents?

Gabrielle Landry, Ruby’s mother, died shortly after Ruby was born. As a result, Ruby was raised by her Grandmother Catherine. Ruby, at some point, encountered her Grandfather Jack during her childhood.

Who is Ruby in all that glitters?

All That Glitters (8 p.m., Lifetime) – The third movie in Lifetime’s Landry Family series from VC Andrews picks up as Ruby Landry (Raechelle Banno) is driven from the Dumas mansion and returns to her beloved childhood home in the bayou, where she’s intent on creating a new life for her baby girl, Pearl.

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How are Paul and Ruby related?

Ruby & Paul Are Siblings

They’re actually half-siblings. Paul’s father, Octavius, raped their mother, Gabrielle, in the swamp. Octavius’ wife, Gladys, adopted Paul.

Does Ruby get Pearl back in all that glitters?

Ruby and Beau keep custody of Pearl. The book ends with Ruby having twin boys, Pierre and Jean, named for Ruby’s father and uncle respectively.

Where was the movie Ruby filmed?

‘V. C. Andrews’ Ruby’ was filmed entirely in Victoria, British Columbia.

Are Ruby and Giselle the same person?

In New Orleans, Ruby crosses paths with her twin sister Giselle, who is actually played by Raechelle’s real-life twin, Karina Banno. Raechelle explained to HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY how her sister ended up as her co-star.

How many books are in the Ruby series?

The three books are: Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue and Emerald Green.

Who is Gabriel Landry?

Gabrielle Landry, was the mother of Ruby Landry, Giselle Dumas and Paul Tate. Gabrielle is also a main character in the Landry series by V.C. Andrews. She makes an appearance in Tarnished Gold and is mentioned in all the other Landry books.

Is Ruby on Lifetime Movie Club?

Andrews’ Ruby coming to Lifetime 2021. #LifetimeMovies Watch Lifetime Movies anytime with the Lifetime Movie Club app:https://mylt.tv/Life…

Are all the V.C. Andrews books connected?

V.C. Andrews only wrote the first five books. The rest are by other authors under her name.

Who is the father of Ruby’s baby in all that glitters?

However, Ruby can’t escape the judging eyes of Paul’s mother Gladys (Alfonso), who knows Ruby and Paul’s dark secret, and Giselle continues to torment Ruby when she reveals news about Beau (Wood), Pearl’s birth father and Ruby’s true love.

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Who is Ruby Landry’s mother?

Spell My Name with an “S”: Ruby’s mother is named as Gabrielle for the first four books but becomes “Gabriel” in Tarnished Gold.

How can I watch VC Andrews all that glitters?

You are able to stream V.C. Andrews’ All That Glitters by renting or purchasing on Amazon Instant Video or Vudu.