What is the jewelers mark for platinum?

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Does platinum have a Hallmark?

Platinum was officially recognised as a precious metal for fine jewellery in 1975 when the new Hallmarking Act introduced the requirement that all articles over 0.5 grams be hallmarked. … Platinum in its pure state is very soft and cannot be used for jewellery.

How can you tell if a ring is platinum?

Look on the inner shank of the ring for any detailed letters or numbers. If the shank has a visible, “PT” symbol, reads “900 PLAT”or has “950 PLAT” markings, then the ring is definitely platinum. If the ring shows a 9K, 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K, with or without a series of three numbers, then the ring is not platinum.

Does platinum stick to a magnet?

As platinum is not magnetic, if your piece is attracted to a magnet, you can safely say it is not platinum. If you notice a slight magnetic pull, then it is more likely your metal is white gold combined with nickel.

What does 325 mean on jewelry?

325 is not an uncommon mark. It is an industry standard mark. It refers to the percentage of gold in the alloy. In this case it 32.5% (by weight) gold. This translates into 8kt gold.

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How can I test platinum at home?

The simplest tests are heating and discoloration. If the item is heated, for example, in a Bunsen flame, platinum will be more difficult or impossible to melt and the platinum will not discolour. The effect of acid is another basic test.

Why is my platinum ring not hallmarked?

Platinum pieces which weigh less than 0.5 grams, 18ct Gold and Palladium pieces weighing less than 1.0 gram and Silver pieces weighing less than 7.78 grams are except from hallmark. The law of hallmark was instituted in the early 1300’s by King Edward I.

Is platinum heavy or light?

Platinum Is Heavy!

It is about 60% heavier than gold, which is a pretty heavy metal too. And gold, depending on its karat rating (and what other metals are mixed with it) is about 30% heavier than silver. So a small portable jeweler’s scale can help you recognize platinum.

Is my ring silver or platinum?

If the ring stamp reads “Pt” or “Plat,” it contains platinum. If Pt is followed by other letters, this means it is an alloy. Look for tarnish. Platinum does not tarnish, so if the ring has begun to tarnish, it is most likely made from silver.

Is platinum the same as white gold?

While Platinum is a naturally white metal, White Gold is made by combining pure gold (which is yellow in colour) with alloying metals such as Palladium. Because of the yellow metal content, White Gold is actually slightly grey/off-white in colour. This can be corrected by a surface treatment called Rhodium plating.

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